School workshops

Just look at these fantastic pictures of children enjoying their natural beeswax candles made at a Dragon’s Breath Beeswax Candle Rolling workshop.

Classroom displays to extend learning

Three and four year olds easily rolling beeswax candles

Chldren's art work in preparation for my visit.

‘Parents and staff have been delighted with my visit – one parent said:“He’s been so looking forward to your visit.  Thank you.  He has had a brilliant time.”

Call me now – a few dates left for this term.  A brilliant educational activity for your children at the end of term or the start of a new topic in the Autumn.

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  1. Amanda Metcalf says:

    Hi Min, I am a teacher in a special needs school in Hartlepool. I am organising a careers week feb 11th – 15th. The aim is to develop knowledge and skills across the whole school from yr7 -yr 14. Whilst the majority of post 14 students will be concentrating on workshops to enhance interview skills the younger students wil be accessing activities to develop their understanding of what a job is.
    My school facilitates learning to all levels from P8 to L2 with disabilities ranging from moderate to profound and varying degrees of ASD.
    The theme is bee based to incorporate The Bee Movie which depicts that you can make your own choices in life and sometimes a square peg can fit into a round hole.
    Our enterprise package also uses bees as a logo for problems solving and initiative etc so I thought a bee workshop would be very entertaining as well as informative.
    If you are interested in working with us could you get in touch ASAP please so we can arrange a further chat re; possible activities etc.
    Kind regards
    Amanda Metcalf

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