Women’s Institute beeswax candle making workshop

There was a fantastic response from the ladies of the Women’s Institute in Sarratt for their talk about bees and making a range of natural beeswax candles.  At the beginning of the day, one of the ladies asked me if she were to be making artificially scented candles as she was allergic to these; she was delighted to find that we were using natural beeswax candles, which have their own scent which don’t need any artificial additives.  These make them suitable for people who have allergies of this kind.

They each had a kit, comprising of a range of coloured and natural wax, wick and a collection of cutters and assorted pieces of wax to use as their imagination blossomed.

As the day progressed, they became more inventive and created double spiral candles in different colours, short candles and tall candles for their Christmas dinner table.  Each was pleased with their day’s making and took home their natural beeswax candles as gifts for themselves or friends and family.

I look forward to our return meeting next year.

If your group would like a similar workshop, contact me and we can arrange this before Christmas so you too can enjoy the beautiful scent of natural beeswax candles on your table also.


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