Safety advice and burning tips

Natural beeswax candles are naturally beautiful and burning them brings that beauty to your home.  Below are some tips and advice on how to burn Dragon’s Breath candles – and all candles safely.

These are the guidelines from

It only takes one candle to put your home at risk – always take care when using them

It is important to keep safety in mind whenever you use candles at home.

Lighted candles – where to put them

You should take care where you decide to put candles in your home. Candles are best placed:

  • on a heat-resistant surface – be especially careful with night lights and tea lights, which get hot enough to melt plastic
  • in a proper candle holder, so they don’t fall over
  • out of the reach of children and pets
  • out of draughts and away from curtains, other fabrics or furniture, which could catch fire
  • with at least 1 metre (3 feet) between the candle and any surface above it
  • with at least 10 centimetres (4 inches) between any two candles
  • away from clothes and hair – if there’s any chance you could forget where a candle is and lean across it, put it somewhere else

Make sure you put out candles before moving them and don’t let anything fall into the hot wax, like matchsticks.

Putting candles out

Never leave a candle unattended. Make sure you:

  • put out candles before you leave a room and before you go to bed
  • never leave a burning candle or oil burner in a child’s bedroom
  • use a snuffer or a spoon to put them out – blowing them can send sparks and hot wax flying
  • double-check that they are completely out and not still smouldering

Candles and decorations for celebrations – fire safety

Candles and night lights are often used in celebrations for Christmas, Diwali and other festivals. Make sure you don’t put candles in, or by, a Christmas tree, plants, flowers or other foliage. You should also take care to keep ribbons, festive decorations made of tissue paper or cardboard, and greetings cards away from heaters, lights, fireplaces and candles.

Dragon’s Breath also recommends:

  • Burning candles upright in a draft-free environment helps to prevent dripping or smoking.
  • Remove all packaging, raffia ties and paper labels before lighting.
  • Light the wick from the base of the wick, where the wick comes out of the candle, to allow the beeswax to absorb into the wick.
  • If necessary, trim the wick to about 1cm before lighting. Proper trimming ensures that your beeswax candle will burn with a strong, bright, beautiful flame. It helps to prevent the candle from smoking or dripping. Trimming also removes any minute particles that collect in the wick and could interrupt wax flow. Be careful not to trim the wick too short as it may drown in the wax pool resulting in a low flame or making it difficult to relight.

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