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Min collecting a swarm

Collecting a swarm

I am an experienced qualified teacher and have taught across the primary age group, from early years and into secondary school to year 11.  I have a passion for  learning, our environment and for bees!

My partner and I have 9  hives (approximately 500,000 bees in the height of summer) and I also work with the bees at  Standens, the National Trust property in East Grinstead.  I have also spoken on BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex about what we have achieved and our progress at Standens.

My work with candles and workshops spreads knowledge and information about bees and the essential part they have to play in our world’s  survival.

What can you do to help?   Using and give products made from natural beesawax or drizzling locally produced honey increases the awareness of the value of this amazing creature.

Kind regards

Min Morgan-Atkinson

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